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Why Sous Vide Style Cooking Is the Way To Go

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

The name sous vide does sound fancy, this cooking technique is used by renowned chefs worldwide, especially in fine dining restaurant, to deliver best quality meals to ensure happy customers. There are plenty proven benefits of sous vide cooking, it’s great in providing a healthier, tastier and better tenderness to the food.

Before we head towards our recommended sous vide dishes for you, what exactly is sous vide? Sous vide refers to the process of cooking food slowly at a low temperature. This is done by immersing vacuum-sealed food into water bath at a very precise temperature. As food is vacuum sealed in a sous vide bag, it doesn’t dehydrate or lose its form while cooking. It also allows for maximum moisture retention. Besides that, due to the enhanced flavours of sous vide food, little or no additional salt or fat is needed during cooking. Plus, vacuum sealing food means that vitamins and minerals are not lost as well. Thus, it’s healthier, juicier, taste better and more tender.

The best thing about sous vide is that, it’s virtually impossible to overcook your food, as the water bath is being fixed at exact temperature. For example, the premium steaks, it’s harder to overcook and you can pretty much guarantee a perfect doneness and tenderness that you want without manually handling it.

Here in Naughty Babe Dirty Duck has adopted this technique to provide the most tender, flavourful food you’ve ever had. Here we have selected a few dishes from NBDD which is prepared with sous vide technique. Some sous vide made dishes that come highly recommended here are the Smoky Octopus that is air flown from Spain. The whole leg of octopus served under a smoke filled dome, being lifted upon presenting to dining guest. It gives the smoky taste to the octopus. The octopus taste very fresh, juicy and tender.

Next, we had the lip-smacking Pork Tomahawk. We have always heard of tomahawk steak (beef), but hardly find pork tomahawk in KL. This cut is just the kind of thing that makes meat lovers genuflect with love. NBDD has selected Sakura Pork Tomahawk and this cut is usually challenging to handle as it’s over 1-2 inches thick, with sous vide method, this thick cut of pork absorbs the marination perfectly and the texture remain juicy and properly cooked. Definitely not the normal tough pork chop that you’re used to.

German pork knuckle is usually well known to many who love pork, but Babe’s Ham Knuckle “Berliner Eisbein” is something different. For ham lovers, this is an unusual ham as it tastes fresh and juicy. This is absolutely a “must order” dish. This “juicy ham”? It is practically a giant piece of pink leg ham freshly cooked, served warm and juicy. This could only be done with sous vide method, where the meat is brined and marinated under low temperature, thus the texture of meat remains moist. Besides the steamed version, there is also crispy version, Babes’s Roast Knuckle, which is fried upon serving to table. The juicier and tastier meat is guaranteed compared to any other German pork knuckle that you can find.

This Tamarind Glazed Chicken is truly a one of a kind dish. Besides its Insta-worthy shot of colorful platting, once you bite into this sous vide chicken, JUICY would be the key word. The local sauce, the peanut brittle pate, that incorporates into a Western style cooking technique goes amazingly well with the beautifully moist chicken. A must try when you visit us!

Feeling tempted? Head to Naughty Babe Dirty Duck now for the best eating experience.


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